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students are using their cell phones for a grade. >>> even though it feels like summer, time has come to arm yourself for the flu season. we will show you how, update news starts now. >>> the school of journalism and mass communications at san jose university, what's happening with a fresh per perspective on today's issues. you are watching update new. >> >> hello and welcome. >> thank you for joining us. >> imagine the population of 1 million people sharing one library. this could become a reality in san jose, even though five unis this week offered pension reduction frs current and future employees. why the budget deficit may force all public libraries to close their doors. >> reporter: behind me is a dr. king library which serves both the city and san jose state. but soon it may be the only library standing for public to the service because of testify budget short fall: itit could be as much as $115 million. >> we might be able to only keep open the main library which we operate jointly with san jose state. offering community services is neces
." >> thank you for joining us. >> thomas edison, the man silicon valley lost this week is being compared to these inventors. steve jobs died wednesday, the cofounder and chairman of apple computer lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. update's courtney has his first boss. >> the designer of the classic video game pong talked with the engineering students and professors wednesday afternoon when news broke that steve jobs died. >> the world is a sadder place, a lesser place, one of the great invatters of the 20th century clearly passed away. >> the computedder scientist gave jobs his first take of technology in the 1980s by hiring him at atari. he will never forget the first encounter. >> he was an 18-year-old hippie kid and he wanted a job. i said where you did go to school. >> reid. >> is that an engineering school. >> no, it is a literary school and he dropped out. but then he started this enthuse i enthusiasm for technology. he was 18 so he had to be cheap. so i hired him. >> after six months, he told him he was going to take a journey to india to find. >> he comes
. >>> hello and welcome to update news. >>> thanks for joining us. >>> police are investigating the killing of two former san jose students. they were shot execution style saturday morning in auto cottage south of campus, jessica savage is live with more. >> reporter: they were killed on third and virginia streets because so many people had lived there. >> the couple f shot execution style in a back alley behind this house on south third street. san jose police sergeant says police responded to a call at 11:00 about the shooting. >> they located two victim, one who was a male was pronobsed dead at the scene and -- pronounced dead at the scene and another clung to life for another day and died on sunday. >>> 21-year-old eric and 20- year-old christina pendual. a witness remembers them as a darling couple. saddened and shocked something like this could happen to just really normal nice clean cut college kids. they didn't seem like they would mix with the wrong cloud. they looked studious and smart. >> police are looking for a man driving a bla
to update news. >> thanks for joining us. >> the okay "occupy wall street" is still running strong including near the bay area. thousands have been arrested and/or cited. how the remaining demonstrators are reacting. the surge are not slowing down the occupy protesters. they're still standing up for their cause just a week away from here. >> you would be dead. how are you going to even -- >> consumerism. >> they are anti-- just the fact you are louder doesn't make you more right. it makes you less knowledgeable about the situation. >> doesn't want to work. >> but here in the silicon valley, one protester is taking his case to new height. >> you can't hurt us. this is helping. more than 30 days into the national protest movement, some police on the west coast are running out of patience. four occupy protesters were taken into custody if front of city hall. when when sean o kelly climbed the wall that towers over his campus. >> this movement is solid in that we are not going to bend over and take it anymore. it is time to stand up. >> police arrested 7 more people but stopped short
. >> and i'm jena johnson. thank you for joining us. >> while the campus is coming to term windshield the violent death of two former student, police announced this week another student is responsible for their murder. and now, he too is dead. three young lives lost in what police say was a killing due to drugs. dominic live on campus with more. >> reporter: well, police responded to complaintsover a shirtless man with a gun in san jose on the morn of october 10 and the what happened next may have helped them solve the murder of two sjsu student. >> police shot and killed the shirtless man who was identified as: thisis happening just two days after former sjsu students were shot execution style in this cottage on the 800 block of third street. at the time of the shooting police didn't know they were solving the case until they revealed the one he was carrying is the one used to shoot the two. >> the district attorney reviewed all of the evidence and they con cruded concluded in fact he was the person who murdereded it two students and if he were alive at this moment he would be faci
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5